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Unlike a number of Consultancy Organisations we don’t believe in just dishing out reams of advice, we are there to help you implement it as well. We don’t just regurgitate the same old solutions our aim is to work with you from start to finish.

It is not just a case of understanding a company, its markets and aspirations, although these are important.  We also take time to understand the people that work there,  what they are looking for, what their aspirations and goals are.  The best process in the world is worth nothing if it does not help the people that have to use and live with it.  

We don’t believe in sitting on high and spouting generic words of wisdom (well not all the time).  After all no one knows your business like you do, we find that the best ideas, solutions, process etc.  come from the people that know best.  Often we find ourselves in the position of facilitator or catalyst. 

We look at the big picture without losing sight of the details 

Even the best ideas don’t survive unchanged as you put them into practice.  That’s why we feel it is important to be involved in the implementation as well.  Allowing us to tweak and manage any solution, until we are all confident that it delivers. 

Even then, for many of our clients it does not end, we believe in keeping in touch. After all things change so swiftly these days that no one can afford to stand still.  What was good today will not necessarily be suitable for tomorrow.  As your business grows it is essential to “Manage that Growth”  

  • Product Management
    Product Management services from Osmunda Consulting. Helping small to medium sized companies achieve their potential by developing the products and strategies, needed to grow their business.
  • Business Discipline
    Osmunda's approach to Business Discipline. How to acieve growth PROFITABLY.
  • Programme / Project Management
    Osmunda's approach to Programme & Project Management. Managing the detail without losing sight of the end goal, through simple project management disciplines and risk management
  • Product Development
    Osmunda's approach to Product Development. From initial design, feasability, market testing and management of the development process through to launch and marketing.
  • Support Management Measurement
    Understanding of your business and measureing performance through KPIs and processes



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