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Why do companies with great products, dedicated staff, enthusiasm and drive still fail? In many cases it is a lack of business discipline, losing control of the essential elements that allow them to control their business. It is unfortunate that many of the things that define a successful business are the least sexy. Everyone likes developing and launching new products chatting with the clients, playing with new toys but when it comes to things like Bid Review, Profitability, Sanity Checking, Project Management; Resource Allocation etc. it is another story. It is here that Osmunda Consulting can help, we have years of experience making sure that the detail is all in place without losing track of the bigger picture. 

As an example consider the bid process:

Bid Review & RFP Processes  

  • Confirm there is the appropriate resource to support the solution in the required timescales.
  • Obtain a full understanding of the customer requirements from the outset. Agreement on functional specification.
  • Have a view of all other developments currently in the pipeline to manage any knock-on effects and to evaluate potential of the development for other possible customers.
  • Avoid any unbudgeted costs or commitments.
  • Provide confidence to the customer that the solution can be delivered on time and on budget.
  • Provide a vehicle for change requests

It may seem common sense but many times key elements like the above get overlooked or glossed over in order to get a quick response back to the customer, leading to many difficulties and hidden costs later on.

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