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Product Development

Everyone likes to develop new products and services (whether generic or for a specific client) and bring them to market, yet this is probably one of the most risk prone activities in any organisation. Whilst developing new services and products you are going to encounter all of the issues and risk associated with any project. See the section on Project Management to see how Osmunda can help you with this.

In addition there are a host of other concerns to take into account. Here at Osmunda consulting we have over 25 years of experience in developing and bringing to market new products and services.

Before development
Is the current market ready for the new service?
Concept testing
What is the market potential?
What about the competition?
Is there a limited window of opportunity?
Is there an impact on existing products & services?

During Development
How to control scope creep.
Monitoring change in market requirements.
Beta testing.
Training of Sales Channels.
Can you support, bill, install, manage, the new service, are the functions and processes in place?
Are changes required to T&Cs, Legal contracts etc?
Sales Collateral, web pages, datasheets etc.
Launch plan and promotions.

Post Development and launch
Review of development and launch.
Customer feedback
Handover from product launch to lifecycle management.
Future developments and modifications

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