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Product Management

The need for expert Product Management cannot be understated. Product Management is the glue that sits in the middle of any organization binding all the functions together. It smoothes out the bumps and can help push a company to the next level of performance.  

Over the last 20 years we have been responsible for a wide range of products across both business and consumer markets both nationally and internationally. The Product Management function

  • Ownership of the underlying cost base and understanding of the overall profitability of the  Products and Services
  • Working directly with customers to understand their future requirements and to drive the direction of the products.
  • Control and release of developments
  • Management of 3rd parties and exploration of JVs, Distributors etc.
  • Initial Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for anything product related
  • Bid support
  • Development support
  • Productisation of new features services
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Development of a product strategy to fit the overall company strategy
  • Define and own the Product roadmap
  • Provide the Glue between functions.
  • Information & knowledge hub on Products & Services, market trends, competitors
  • Understand and manage volume drivers, KPIs
    Forecasts & Budgeting
  • Drive solutions to leverage the existing customer base
  • Own the service levels
  • Drive internal processes to better deliver and meet  targets and objectives.
  • Manage the maintenance of product documentation e.g. SDD.

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