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Software House designing CRM & Middleware Applications

A Software house producing Middleware and CRM applications principally for the fast food market.

The brief was to help this relatively new company prepare itself for growth.  The organisation had grown rapidly and was finding that supporting this growth had become problematic.  Like a lot of small nimble companies they needed to bring some control, discipline and process into the organisation.  The task was to deliver this without stifling the dynamic fast moving nature of the company.

A simple project management function was introduced to the company.  Allowing better allocation of limited resources and centralised control.

A process of development  prioritisation was put in place

A rigorous  “Documentation” regime was set-up and enforced

Existing services were productise and packaged up to make them easily marketable to new customers “off the shelf” rather than bespoke

New methods of cost and budgetary control were instigated allowing them for the first time to get true visibility of the profitability of each project.



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