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Support, Management, Measurement (KPIs), Processes etc.

It is a sad truth that in many organisations the required functions to support and manage their products and customers is often an afterthought.  Here in Osmunda Consulting we believe that the key to a successful business is in being able to effectively manage, support and measure performance and not just at a finance level.

  • Design a suitable support process and infrastructure.
  • Design suitable processes for billing, installation, operation.
  • Document and agree Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Terms and conditions (T&Cs).
  • Instigate the appropriate management tools to be able to report against SLA levels and other KPIs.
  • Control of cost base (external and internal).
  • Understanding the true profitability of a given product.  This is not always as straight forward as it seems with different products perhaps sharing the same infrastructure or products driving revenue for other services.  Apportioning costs and revenues is key to understanding the true value of products and clients.


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